Crop Resistance System Research

Crop Resistance System Research (CRSR) with activities / programmes in utilization of modern frontier science-based plant resistance sourcing and its exploitation

Aspects to be investigated:

New Innovations in Host Defense Genes

  • Cloning of plant’s own defense genes, R genes - detoxifiers of virulence, products of Avr genes triggering signal transduction pathways manifesting HR/ cell death/ accumulation of antimicrobial proteins
  • Manipulating resistance gene analogues (RGA) to be used DNA probes to clone R genes
  • Studies on MAPK (Flagellin) based broad spectrum resistance, SAR, Anti-microbial peptides (PR proteins – chitinases, glucanases signalling Salicylic acid/ Jasmonate based/active O2 spp. resistance, NPR 1 gene of Arabidopsis for SAR, Lytic peptides harming bacterial cell walls, Cercopins, PDR, RNAi technology, plantibodies etc).

Schools of Crop Health Management Research (CHMR) and Crop Resistance System Research (CRSR): both schools address same objective hence need to be merged and re-designated as “School of Crop Health Management”