Crop Health Biology Research



School- I Crop Health Management Research (CHMR): activities / programmes in regards to holistic crop health management issues.
School- II Crop Health Biology Research (CHBR): activities / programmes in regards to biology of crops as influenced by biotic stresses
School- III Crop Resistance System Research (CRSR): activities / programmes in utilization of modern frontier science-based plant resistance sourcing and its exploitation
School- IV Crop Health Policy-Support Research (CHPR): activities related to research requirements to address contextual various policy frame-work that the system demands in crop health research.

These schools shall attract scholastic talents through re-entry grant for Indian scientists, Young Investigator awards, Gifted graduate students programmes, doctoral and post-doctoral programmes. Temporal innovations in scholastic support system would ensure continuing flow of scholars for various research programmes in Crop breeding, bioengineering for better understanding of plant defenses, bioinformatics, chemical discovery and delivery Systems and Product Development and similar novel sectors in addition to Biostatistics and Epidemiology / Database on surveillance data, Bio-enterprise/ Management in Biotechnology, Platform Technologies such as Regulatory Procedures, Biosafety, Bioethics, Process Development with up-scaling, IPR and mode of knowledge generation and management, Good Manufacturing Practices/Good Laboratory Practices.