Mode of Research

The NIBSM priorities are

(1) Development of loss assessment tools of biotic stresses in agriculture, both biologically and econometrically and
(2) Study  the relationship of nutrition and susceptibility to biotic stress. In agriculture, farmers are faced with the multitude of biotic stresses in animals and plants, as farming system that they have to persist with for both livelihood and for higher income. The parcel of land sustains this trident of animals / crops and the farm families. Metabolic sustenance of these three items calls for effective nutritional satiation. The institute proposes to undertake both basic and applied studies on these two national priorities in the four schools; viz., Health Management, Health biology, Resistance biology, and Policy research. The institute budget shall be sufficient in this plan period for this purpose.

Eight preliminary projects are in operation for this purpose and would further be elaborated through continuing discussions.
  1. The good agricultural practice and pestilence in crops - polyphagy in herbivory and genetic potential to thwart overgrazing and stabilize crop productivity
  2. Behaviour modifier chemicals and regulation of herbivore invasion
  3. Crop health for better animal and human health – crop nutrition management to regulate herbivory.
  4. Zoonotic disease epidemiology and database
  5. Policy research on biosafety / biosecurity in agriculture